Michael's career began in law enforcement where he gained invaluable experience investigating every type of incident imaginable; from traffic collisions to capital murder.  He also studied and was trained in key components of practical law enforcement including use of force, search and seizure, chain of custody and interview and interrogation techniques.  Throughout this time, he recognized how vitally important a thorough, detailed, and timely investigation is in helping attorneys adjudicate and win their cases.


"After many years in law enforcement, I transitioned to criminal defense where I worked as an investigator in a large Public Defender's Office which handles more than 20,000 cases per year.  My indigent criminal defense experience includes fact as well as mitigation investigations in numerous capital cases.  I coordinate with counsel throughout every step of the case, from initial jailhouse interviews, to scene reconstruction, to witness interviews and statements, to gathering evidence including photographs and video, to ultimately testifying in court." - Michael Bennett


Whether you have an established legal practice or are just starting your legal career, by engaging the services of DIS you will benefit from an experienced, efficient and thorough investigation, saving you time and freeing you to concentrate on your clients.


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After 20 years in the public sector criminal justice system, Michael Bennett, and his wife Carole, founded Discovery Investigation Solutions LLC (DIS) to provide investigative services to the legal and public community.

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