Details win cases.

In preparing to win, the defense team must know intimately the details of the case and be able to recognize weaknesses in the prosecution's theory.


With over 20 year's experience in law enforcement and criminal defense, DIS will be an invaluable asset for your defense team; helping you maximize your time by providing details and insight you can use to develop a winning theory of defense.


DIS will study and evaluate all reports and evidence as well as locate and interview witnesses, including experts when necessary.  As the DIS Criminal Case Investigation concludes, you will be provided with a detail report and DIS investigators will be available for court testimony and follow-up consultation.

"Whatever disagreement there may be as to the scope of the phrase

"due process of law" there can be no doubt that it embraces the fundamental conception of a fair trial, with opportunity to be heard."

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

Process of Service